A Unique Combination of Process and Technology, Simplified

Why choose Eclipse PPM over other providers of project and portfolio management solutions?

Chances are, you, like most organizations, are ready for a project portfolio management application, but not quite as ready for the full vision and related processes that go along with it.  That’s what we’re here for. Eclipse PPM will help you map organizational maturity and process with technology for a just right approach to PPM implementation. We’ll get you up and running now and mature as you grow.

We also put a distinct focus on driving change throughout your organization — the kind of change that encourages positive behavior transformation that will lead to PPM maturity progression and improvement over time.

“The ROI on the software was significant and immediate; we returned the money invested two fold in less than four months…”
Saar Pikar, CEO
CDI Computer Dealers

Why choose Eclipse?

  • Significant reduction in labor to generate real-time status updates and reports (up to 50%)
  • Centralized project information
  • High adoption rates
  • Decrease in project failure rates (up to 32%)
  • Decrease in execution of no/low value projects
  • Improved team productivity
  • Improved resource forecasting and utilization
  • Defined best practices and repeatable processes
  • Better overall predictability of your projects performance
  • 100% visibility into all projects and resources for both project and non-project work

Whilst one organization’s ROI for their project portfolio management investment will differ from another, there are some industry statistics to take into consideration. A recent PPM study by BusinessWire revealed the following outcomes:

  • 26% of organizations who implemented PPM processes saw a 25% or greater return on investment
  • 63% of organizations who invest in a PPM tool and framework see an ROI of 10% or more and 16% see an ROI of 50% or more