Project Portfolio Resource Management | Eclipse PPM | Project Portfolio Management
Project Portfolio Resource Management | Eclipse PPM | Project Portfolio Management

Resource Management

Eclipse PPM allows you to assign resources to a task by providing a fixed percentage of the duration of the task or the estimated effort in hours. Resources can be assigned in the same way to phases, milestones or the project overall.

The time taken to complete a task is displayed in the schedule view of Eclipse PPM. Time management can be done in either hours or percentage and you can also view the time spent by resources on their tasks.

The amount of actual time spent by resources on their various tasks across multiple projects can be found within the Resource Management Dashboard.

Eclipse PPM supports schedule-level resource rates as well as task-specific resource rates.

Eclipse PPM allows you to view planned and actual efforts and costs expended by resource and in total directly from the schedule view.

Eclipse PPM supports the full project resource management lifecycle from resource requesting through fulfillment. Project Managers can assign generic Resource Types representing roles or skills to tasks on their project schedules. Resource Managers can review demand over time based on these Resource Types and compare that to available capacity for their staff to simplify allocation decisions.  A number of views exist to support this function.

Project Documents

Eclipse PPM provides hierarchical folders for organizing project documents. Folders can either be imported into a customer’s environment or can be linked to an existing website or file server location.

Documents can be uploaded to the Eclipse PPM document repository or added as links to existing file servers or document management locations such as on premise SharePoint document libraries. Documents can also be linked, uploaded or imported to Eclipse Docs.

Eclipse Docs is a built in rich text document container within Eclipse that enables you to tag documents for easier searching, define configurable approval workflows, or create Eclipse Docs templates with pre-populated project data.

Project Portfolio Resource Management | Eclipse PPM | Project Portfolio Management


Project Template

Projects can be added using project templates. These templates can include identification and classification details as well as resources, evaluation and prioritization criteria, financial information, schedules, project documents, security settings and more.

Project templates can be copied or created quickly and easily within the web interface by users with the appropriate permissions in the system.

Eclipse PPM allows users to apply updates to multiple projects and resources at one time across a variety of attributes. Using the power of Eclipse’s quick or advanced searches, users can select any or all projects or resources at one time and update values quickly and easily.

Project templates can be created from existing projects, which can include all of the project information or be trimmed down for specific needs.

Project templates enable configuration of auto-number generation including prefix definition by template type.


The Eclipse PPM Approval functionality is used to facilitate a simple, yet efficient, workflow process that allows requestors or approvers to submit project change requests for approval, monitor the status of submitted requests, and capture their decisions based on the satisfaction of one or more pre-set criteria. Advanced Configuration Workflow provides the ability to set approval workflow for a specific stage in a project lifecycle. Approval workflows that have already been defined as templates can be leveraged as-is or can be used as part of a more flexible approval process to reflect governance control throughout the portfolio lifecycle. This includes the option to have certain statuses not requiring workflow approvals at all.

Eclipse supports approval workflow around approved financial plans.  While a project may have several financial plans or forecasts, including those representing submitted Change Requests, only one is the “approved” plan.  Approval workflows provide optional control over the change to the approved plan or forecast. Eclipse supports configurable approval workflows for Eclipse Docs.

Eclipse supports optional timesheet approvals. This feature provides a highly configurable ability to support submission, review and approval of time tracking information. Approvers can be setup at a resource level across the portfolio or specifically at a project level. Resources can submit entire time sheets at one time or individual project weekly entries.  Approvers can review individual project weekly entries from a resource or an entire timesheet for a resource at once.


Project Resources

Project Resources are under pressure to complete multiple tasks as soon as possible. If the tool they are using to track time and tasks is not quick and simple to use, they won’t use it. The Eclipse PPM Portal provides resources with a real-time list of all things relevant to them including projects, tasks, issues and risks.

Project Portfolio Resource Management | Eclipse PPM | Project Portfolio Management

Planning and Visibility

The Eclipse PPM Resource Management dashboard enables Resource Managers to review planned allocation and actual utilization for their staff against both project and non-project activities over a timeline, helping you identify over-allocation or underutilization.  This view can also be configured to show Program or Project Managers the allocation and utilization of resources against the programs and projects for which they are responsible. The dashboard also provides the ability for a Resource Manager to review demand for the roles or skills that they are responsible for staffing against the available capacity for their teams, and then assign the appropriate resources to the projects and tasks.

Planned time against operational activities and projects is visible in Eclipse. Actual time tracked against operational activities and projects is also visible.

Resource availability can be shown individually, as part of a team, and side by side with demand for resources of a certain type. This allows the resource manager to easily match available capacity with incoming demand as well as identify and resolve bottlenecks.

Demand for one or more resource types can be shown side by side with the resource availability on the resource dashboard.  Demand is also clearly identified and supported by tools at a project level.

Eclipse PPMs Resource Management dashboard displays the planned and tracked time for a resource or resources with respect to projects and operations. The dashboard supports granularity down to project or task level.

The Eclipse PPM Resource Management dashboard is a highly configurable dashboard that makes efficient and effective use of resources easy. Flexibility in the units being used and how it is sorted means that you can review work by department, work type or resource name. It also means you eliminate questions like what are we working on, when do we have the availability to take on more projects, do we have enough people to complete projects on time, and what demand exists.

Capturing planned operational commitment is one of the keys to understanding true resource allocation and availability. Operational plans are supported in Eclipse PPM.

Time Tracking

Eclipse PPM provides a personalized timesheet view for each resource. By default, resources are automatically shown only project and operational time planned for them during that week. It is possible to have some projects tracked down to task-level detail with others only tracked by overall time spent on the project.

Resources and approvers have the ability to see the planned time for a task or a project they are assigned daily or weekly. You can also open a window from the timeline view additional task details like full description, schedule, and assigned resources.

In order to add a task outside a resource’s scheduled week, the user can open the tasks outside this week’s panel in a single click and select a task to add.

The Eclipse PPM time reporting capability allows a team member to enter their weekly actuals day-by-day against their project and non-project activities.  The time reported by staff against projects can be viewed through the schedule and resource management dashboard views and can also be used to calculate actual labor costs for projects.