Providing the Right Solutions for All of Your PPM Needs

No two businesses are alike. That’s why Eclipse PPM’s flexible solutions address the unique needs of your business. Our interface was built with the end user in mind. So whether you manage a small functional team, a medium-sized PMO within IT, or a large organization, Eclipse PPM has the right solution for you.

For PMOs


PMOs must drive positive organizational change while eliminating barriers to project delivery success. Eclipse PPM helps them deliver projects successfully and consistently through project and resource visibility. It also allows PMOs to keep up with constantly shifting priorities by enabling them to make decisions quickly. Through standardization and repeatable processes, Eclipse PPM helps PMOs implement a structured approach to delivering projects.

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For IT


IT organizations need to invest in the right projects at the right time in order to provide the best service to their customers. Eclipse PPM helps with the successful delivery of projects by improving the ratio of KTLO to strategic spend and ensuring alignment with strategic objectives. It also delivers and maintains product and service platforms that enable users to be more productive in their daily responsibilities, helping IT deliver more project value per dollar.

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For Healthcare


Healthcare organizations are under significant pressure to deliver projects within decreasing budgets; keep up with compliance, industry regulations and safety guidelines; and adhere to shortening timelines, all without impacting the quality of patient care. Eclipse PPM offers a simplified, best practice approach to PPM so healthcare organizations can prioritize, select, and track their projects and resources.

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