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  • Eclipse PPM Demo: Healthcare - Tuesday, February 28, 2017   11:00 AM PT / 2:00 PM ET Eclipse Project Portfolio Management (PPM) software has helped hundreds of hospitals and health systems across North America. Take a closer look at our fast track PPM solution to see how you can better manage your portfolio of projects with the easy to use tool that provides quick adoption and results fast! Eclipse PPM provides a single location and process for: Project Intake, Selection and Prioritization – Align projects with strategic objectives and maximize resource utilization.  See which projects are high priority and the business impact of each project. Project Visibility and Communication – Visibility of all projects and status across […]
  • Eclipse PPM Demo: General - Wednesday, March 22, 2017  – 11:00 AM PT / 2:00 PM ET Take a closer look at our fast track PPM solution to see how you can better manage your portfolio of projects with the easy to use tool that provides quick adoption and results fast! The demo will cover the following: Project Intake, Selection and Prioritization – Align projects with strategic objectives and maximize resource utilization.  See which projects are high priority and the business impact of each project. Project Visibility and Communication – Visibility of all projects and status across the organization in a single view. Easily see and communicate if projects are on time? On track? On budget? In scope? Resource […]

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  • How to Prioritize Projects When Each One is Critical - During the project intake process all projects are considered critical, all others never get approved. So how do you decide which “critical” projects are most critical? These decisions are typically made politically, emotionally or without consistency. The Impact: Poor resource utilization Frustrated resources Projects not aligned with strategic objectives Higher risk and lower ROI We invite you to attend a webinar (Eligible for 1 PDU credit) demonstrating a balanced approach to prioritizing initiatives. Projects affect many aspects of your business; all factors should be considered when taking on a new project. Learn the prioritization secrets of successful companies using a Project Portfolio Management mentality. The Result: Decreased risk Higher ROI […]
  • Ready to bury your resource management spreadsheet? - Wednesday, December 14, 2016 – 1:00pm ET / 10:00am PT Many IT departments and Project Management Offices (PMOs) are struggling to drop their old school ways of thinking to embrace productivity. If a business aims to be successful in overseeing dispersed teams and leading them on projects and tasks, there are key things that must happen. For starters, bury the resource management spreadsheet and welcome its successor, the best-of-breed resource management solution. Join experts from Upland and RTM Consulting, as they take you through the benefits of using a tool that allows you to manage resources and schedules across your entire organization and make sure the right people are working on […]
  • Case Study Webinar: Agnesian HealthCare - See How Agnesian HealthCare Greatly Improved Visibility and Consistency Across Their Project Portfolio Without a solid solution to manage your many projects and resources, it can be a challenge to see, manage, and measure your projects throughout the entire lifecycle. This may lead to project inefficiencies and inconsistencies, poor visibility and a lack of understanding between the project team and management. Join our customer case study webinar with Agnesian HealthCare to see how they overcame their challenges of tracking project status updates in one location and visibility into all upcoming project milestones, resource requirements and high priority project issues and risks. In this webinar, you will see how you can: […]
  • Setting Up a PMO is Not for the Faint Hearted - More and more organizations are setting up a PMO (Project Management Office) to ensure successful delivery of their strategic initiatives. Setting up a PMO is one thing, but how do you ensure your PMO meets the increasing needs of the business? A value-driven PMO can increase ROI by leveraging standard tools and best practices to reduce project slippage, minimize project risks, and avoid cost overruns. Recent studies show that up to 75% of organizations that set up a PMO shut it down within three years because it did not demonstrate any added value. Join us for a 1 hour webinar where you will learn the key reasons why so many […]
  • Managing Uncertainty in Resource Availability - Resource availability is a key source of negative risk to projects. Even if your project has well-defined scope and validated activity effort estimates, if the resources you are provided are working on multiple projects and operational activities, predictability of schedule outcomes is poor. This webinar will review some options for responding to this risk from both a systemic and project-focused perspective. LESSONS LEARNED: 1. Understand the criticality of uncertain resource availability on project outcomes. 2. Learn which approaches for getting better knowledge of resource availability will work in your organization. 3. Gain a better understanding of the pros and cons of the practices that can successfully incorporate resource availability uncertainty […]
  • Case Study Webinar: Pocono Health System - Case Study Webinar: Learn How Pocono Health System Established Project Process Consistency and Improved Resource Utilization with a PPM Solution Juggling multiple projects and resources can be a real challenge to organizations without a dedicated solution. Join us on Tuesday, June 28, 2016 at 1pm EDT/10am PDT to explore how a PPM solution can improve efficiency across your organization and drive value. Pocono Health System (PHS) historically managed projects in Excel, and identified a need to implement a tool that would help them maximize resources and drive consistency in managing their portfolio of projects. Eclipse PPM’s quick and thorough implementation, combined with the ease of user experience and technology made […]
  • Project Portfolio Management Simplified - Tuesday, April 26, 2016 – 11:00 AM PT / 2:00 PM ET Project Portfolio Management (PPM) is a strategic approach aimed at maximizing overall returns on project investments. By focusing on the “right” projects, it is expected that there will be improved organization alignment to strategic plans, as well as optimized utilization of financial and human resources. Unfortunately, there is a significant amount of misinformation in the marketplace about PPM and many organizations that have attempted to implement these practices have been unsuccessful. Of course, vendors stand by ready to “help” unsuspecting executives with snake oil claims of a “silver bullet” process or a tool to purchase to achieve PPM nirvana. […]
  • Resource Capacity Management - Organization structures in most companies today make resource management a daunting task. A lack of visibility into resource allocation and capacity, consistent prioritization and validation of actual work versus planned, contribute to this challenge. Over 50% of IT organizations surveyed use their “best guess” when determining what capacity IT has to perform projects in a given period. This webinar presents the fundamentals for creating and implementing a Resource Management Model using people, process and technology. A Resource Management Model is a set of processes that provide visibility, decision support and structure to effectively manage people in an organization. Allocating resources based on availability and fit, supported by standard processes, will […]
  • Effective PPM Change Management - Project Portfolio Management (PPM) initiatives are expected to provide significant benefit to multiple roles within an organization. Intuitively, most staff can understand the potential value in the organization, process and technology changes involved with a PPM initiative. However, the lack of change management practices through a PPM initiative’s implementation is one of the most common reasons for their failure. Symptoms of this issue can include poor executive commitment, resistance or political pressure from functional management and compliance issues with project teams. In this webinar, we will cover: Common misconceptions about PPM initiative implementations Guiding principles for successful change Steps and key communication necessary to gain buy-in from executive and functional […]
  • Practical Project Risk Management - Risks exist on projects because by definition, projects possess uncertainty. Organizations that ignore risks experience reduced project success rates due to the wasted effort and delays that result from dealing with issues that weren’t addressed. Risk management methodologies address this challenge, but tend to be too theoretical or require significant process discipline or historical data to be practical. Join us for this webinar where you will learn practical, lightweight best practices for managing risks throughout a project’s lifecycle. Benefits of managing risks through this approach include: • Improved project predictability • Improved ROI for your overall portfolio • Quantification of cost & schedule contingencies • Reduced effort spent resolving project issues   […]

Product Demos

  • Introduction to Eclipse PPM - View a quick introductory video of Eclipse Project Portfolio Management software and the different roles within Eclipse PPM. The roles include: Executives & Portfolio Managers Resource Managers Project Managers Project Resources   Watch Demo
  • Eclipse PPM Portfolio Management - Executive Managers (CEO, CIO, COO CFO) and Portfolio Managers may be looking at different metrics, but they all need the same thing: real time portfolio, project and resource information at their fingertips. The key aspects of Portfolio Management include project: Intake Prioritization Selection Execution Watch Demo
  • Eclipse PPM Resource Management - Resource Managers need to understand who is working on what, who can take on more work and when. Without a clear picture of resource loading against projects and operational work, organizations will experience bottlenecks, burnt out resources leading to high turnover, late projects and low quality work. Eclipse PPM answers your questions: What are my resources working on? Where are my bottlenecks? When can we take on more work? Watch Demo
  • Eclipse PPM Project Management - Eclipse PPM’s intuitive project management interface makes it easy to plan and manage simple projects, but scales very well for complex projects as well. Manage the entire project in Eclipse: Project overview Schedules Financials Risks, issues and documents The ‘My Eclipse’ dashboard is designed to bring together all vital project information in a single dashboard made specifically for project managers and resources.   Watch Demo
  • Eclipse PPM Project Resources - Project Resources are under pressure to complete multiple tasks as soon as possible. If the tool they are using to track time and tasks is not quick and simple to use, they wonít use it. The Eclipse PPM Portal provides resources with a real-time list of all things relevant to them. Including: Projects Tasks Issues & Risks Watch Demo