Eclipse PPM Wins FinancesOnline SaaS Awards For Smart Project Portfolio Management


In the project & portfolio management software world, ‘mathematics’ is simple: the more value your organize-to-win strategy provides to customers, the closest you will be to fulfill their expectations. Eclipse PPM was recently reviewed by FinancesOnline, one of the popular software review and SaaS customer onboarding platforms, and praised as a capable project manager and generator of smart business ideas. The platform also made us proud of our product by awarding us two of their prestigious SaaS awards: the Great User Experience Award and the Rising Star Award for 2016. The platform tagged us as one of the most competitive products in their online project management software category, and inspired thousands of users to test our capacity.


Few times per year, FinancesOnlines’s expert SaaS team gathers to consider the most successful performers for each category. After publishing their Eclipse PPM reviews SaaS experts shared some really positive feedback about the features they tested. They observed our innovation processes closely, and confirmed we were rapidly managing to respond to each and every of their customers’ needs. In fact, it was our accelerated development that inspired them to award us the Rising Star for 2016, while the easy and intuitive work with Eclipse PPM was high enough to give us Great User Experience Award. With our new version being released just recently, it will further help our customers achieve their objectives. The new dashboards and refreshed interface will enable users to navigate project information and work items more quickly saving them time and improving overall adoption.


Listening to what FinancesOnline’s team had to share about our quality was flattering, to say the least. They compared our functionality to what small and medium businesses expected, and were simply fascinated by the product’s resource commitment. They believe Eclipse PPM handles planning and execution in a similarly good fashion, putting forward our ability to assign resources based on task duration and efforts with fixed percentage. According to them, categorizing resources into several types, and assigning them accordingly to the employee’s skills and availability was the key benefit that eliminated delay fuss, as it helped the right people make the right allocation decisions. Meanwhile, they shared few good words on our hierarchical document organizing, repository upload, and the variety of available templates that help employees execute project-related tasks in less than no time. They firmly believe Eclipse PPM genuinely makes it possible to keep staff on the same page, and helps companies cut expenses and time consumption.


About Eclipse PPM

Eclipse PPM simplifies the management of a portfolio of projects and constrained resources. Our best of breed solution focuses on improving project prioritization and execution, while improving communication and collaboration amongst stakeholders, project managers and resources. Eclipse PPM also helps solve the challenge of delivering projects and operational services with constrained human resources. To learn more, visit