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HIMSS Conference 2017: Healthcare Organizations Fast Track PPM in the “Shark Tank”

As the HIMSS conference hosted in Orlando quickly approaches, professionals in the healthcare sector gear up to take in the latest and greatest the technology sector has to offer in 2017.   With close to 30% of costs that can be attributed to administrative overhead, healthcare organizations are continuously seeking ways to streamline their practices and “trim the fat” where possible.   In fact, with over 50% of healthcare practitioners still managing paper-based patient records, the opportunities to introduce new technologies in automation are remarkable.  In turn, this reality has resulted in an increasingly growing portfolio of projects to remain competitive and lower costs in the massive multi-billion-dollar sector.   In an […]


Getting the Project Sponsor’s Attention

It may sound enticing to have a project where the customer or sponsor leaves you alone to just manage the project. Sounds like we can get a lot of work done that way, right? What about the decision you need on a requirement to include a link from their new HR system you’re installing to their accounting system? You are at a crossroads in that process and you need some client information and clarification fast from someone in charge and possibly someone with the authority to pay the money to do it right via a much needed change order. You need the project sponsor. But he’s nowhere to be found. […]


Use Your Project Team for Peer Reviews

I hate mistakes. I hate misspellings and grammar issues – though I’m probably crossing some dangerous lines in this article alone. Most of all I hate leading a project and turning error-riddle deliverables into the anxiously awaiting client who is paying for them and who’s every thread of trust is built into me and my team providing quality and timely output to them.   Do you hate error-prone project deliverables as much as I do? Have these cause you problems on one or more projects so far? Read on…hopefully this will educate us all on ways to avoid providing anything less than stellar output to our customers going forward…   […]


EDUCAUSE 2016 Lessons Learned: You don’t have to be PMP Certified to benefit from PPM

It was no surprise that EDUCAUSE 2016 was an incredible learning experience for me.  Getting close to the action and meeting with CIOs, dedicated Project Management professionals, and those managing projects as part of their role in a very condensed timeframe was really eye opening.  It always amazes me the diversity of projects, organizations are faced with managing.  From the expected IT portfolios to managing a library collection move, the Higher Education space is an excellent example showcasing the far reaching benefits of PPM.   Especially with larger institutions and systems, the Higher Education world provides a bird’s eye view of the PPM marketplace that demands solutions to meet the […]


Staying on Top of that Complex Project

The project is kicked off and requirements are set. Everyone is on the same page and ready for the next phases of building the solution. Ready, set, go!   You’re the project manager. In the real world of project management, what do you do next on this complex project you are about to embark on? What’s the next most important thing you should be doing? What is least important? Hint – the answer is nothing. And how do you stay on top of everything that is going on while still keeping everyone up to date, on the same page, and focusing on their tasks and the same end goals? The […]


Top 6 PPM Software Trends of 2017

As we close in to 2017, the project workforce increasingly broadens its footprint on the global economy. In fact, according to a study by the Project Management Institute (PMI), “There is projected to be 15.7 million new project management roles to be added globally across seven project-intensive industries by 2020 reaching an economic impact of over $18 trillion, across seven project-intensive industries including Manufacturing, Finance & Insurance, Information Services, Utilities, Business Services, Oil & Gas and Construction.” With the increase presence of project management domestically and abroad, 2017 ushers in a new era in PPM software where Gen X and Millennials increase their influence in decentralized teams, agile approaches and improved […]


5 More Tips to Improve Your Project Client’s Satisfaction Level

I previously wrote about 5 tips to make your project client’s experience as satisfying and successful as possible. Here I would like to present five more of those tips and tricks you can use to keep the client’s satisfaction level high.   My next five are…   Keep the risk planning going. Even though we all really know that risk planning and management needs to happen throughout the engagement, so many times we either skip it entirely (content to manage risks as issues along the way) or we perform risk planning once at the beginning of the project and then store it away. Here’s a new option…treat it as a […]


The Importance of an Effective Project Kickoff

In order to run an effective and successful project, there are some critical things that need to happen right and in the right order as well. Communication – good, effective, efficient communication – is key to project success and probably one of the most important things the project manager does throughout the engagement. Good, complete requirements are the lifeblood of the project. Without accurate, complete requirements that are well-documented and easily reference-able, the project will not likely stay on budget or on time and may be doomed to failure. And finally, a project that is not properly and formally kicked off jointly with the project customer may get off track […]


Understanding Your Project Client’s Real Needs

Too many times we make assumptions that we later regret. In the case of a big dollar, mission critical project, those assumptions could turn out to be disastrous if they aren’t right on the mark. Forcing our opinions and our own understandings or preconceived ideas on a project before fully understanding it can lead to less than desirable results. And the problem is, we may not even realize we are doing it. How many times have you gone into a project thinking you know exactly what to do and exactly what your client wants and needs because you’ve heard their high-level need and related it to a project you’ve worked […]

customer satisfaction

5 Tips to Improve Your Project Client’s Satisfaction Level

Something just seems off or wrong. You’re managing a project but it doesn’t seem like your customer enjoying the process. Maybe communication is lacking, or they’ve suddenly started to micro-manage you…or maybe it’s something else. They just don’t seem to be extremely satisfied with how things are going. That doesn’t mean the project is going poorly. It doesn’t necessarily mean you’re doing anything wrong or that your team is underperforming. Some customers are harder to please than others. Some seem excited with everything thing you do – others not so much. Either way, you have a “customer issue” and you need to do something about it. Maybe not a direct […]